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Public Education

Serving public K-12 schools, colleges, and universities

Stifel Education Group

The country’s leading underwriter of K-12 school bonds and an experienced partner to institutions of higher learning.

A leading partner to educational institutions of all sizes and at all levels, Stifel’s Education Group is proud to provide market-driven guidance and capital raising services to schools seeking the resources necessary to better serve their students. With an in-depth understanding of the unique needs of public schools, Stifel ranks as the top bond underwriter for K-12 public schools nationwide.

Education Subsectors

Public K-12 School Districts

Nationally, Stifel ranks as the top bond underwriter for K-12 public school districts. Our banking professionals serve districts ranging from those composed of a single rural facility to some of the nation’s largest. Stifel provides market-driven guidance through every step of a transaction, with the awareness of a school district’s legal framework, policy objectives, and financing constraints. Our experience includes underwriting as sole, senior, or co-senior underwriter on district transactions for K-12 (public and private) and Charter Schools.

Public Higher Education Institutions

Stifel’s banking professionals work with public institutions of higher education of all sizes around the country, including some of the nation’s largest public university systems, demonstrating an understanding of the unique financing, security, and structural needs of these clients.

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