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Get to Know Stifel

Put simply, Stifel is a diversified growth company

A rich history, a bright future

From our founding in 1890 through the late 1990s, Stifel was primarily a Midwestern brokerage firm providing investment advice to individuals. Since the late 1990s, through strategic hiring and a series of acquisitions, Stifel has transformed itself to where it is today, a diversified wealth management and investment banking firm. Stifel has grown, and is built, around the strength and commitment of an increasingly diverse group of like-minded entrepreneurial professionals.

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By the numbers

Stifel is 130 years old and still thinking like a startup, with an entrepreneurial spirit and an enduring commitment to excellence.


Financial Advisors in nearly 400 Private Client Group offices across the U.S., responsible for $436 billion in client assets

$27 billion

in assets at Stifel Bancorp Inc., as of 3/31/22, representing Stifel’s banking and trust services


associates joined our firm in the past five years, expanding Stifel’s diverse financial capabilities and global footprint

One Stifel

Statement of Commitment

To Our Associates

Current and future, our commitment is to provide an entrepreneurial environment that encourages unconfined, long-term thinking. We seek to reward hard-working team players that devote their energy and attention to client needs. At work, at home, and in your communities, we seek to be your Firm of Choice.

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To Our Clients

Individual, institutional, corporate, and municipal, our commitment is to listen and consistently deliver innovative financial solutions. Putting the welfare of clients and community first, we strive to be the Advisor of Choice in the industry. Pursuit of excellence and a desire to exceed clients’ expectations are the values that empower our Company to achieve this status.

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To Our Shareholders

Small and large, our commitment is to create value and maximize your return on investment through all market cycles. By achieving the status of Firm of Choice for our professionals and Advisor of Choice for our clients, we are able to deliver shareholder value as your Investment of Choice.

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Executing Our Strategic Initiatives

“Our overall strategy, which remains unchanged since I joined Stifel in 1997, is to be in a position to take advantage of opportunity as we endeavor to be a premier wealth management and institutional services firm. We have built Stifel through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. Unique, at least in financial services, is our preference for preserving and enhancing the independent excellence of the firms that join us. We want our brands to uphold the reputations they have dedicated themselves to cultivating. While we maximize operational efficiency through integration, our primary goal is always to better serve our clients, not simply add ornaments to the Stifel emblem.

The intersection of advice and technology continues to be a primary strategic focus for Stifel. Clients will be able to aggregate and analyze their portfolios, monitor their balance sheet, read custom news feeds, access our research, and more, making the firm’s differentiating service available in more ways than ever.”

Ron Kruszewski, Chairman & CEO

Excerpted from the Stifel Financial Corp. 2019 Annual Report.

The Importance of Culture and Diversity

Stifel’s enduring success is rooted in our culture. Our strategic vision would be nothing without the individual contributions and commitment of our associates. Stifel is an entrepreneurial firm at heart, and we move forward when people at all levels are empowered to find new and creative ways to succeed. The lodestar in our culture has always been the Golden Rule. In practice, the Golden Rule asks us to go beyond our own experiences and pay special attention to the way others want to be treated, because we cannot assume that our preferences are all the same.

The business case is simple, as greater diversity – in all its forms – provides more opportunities to grow while reducing the risks of blinkered, narrow-minded thinking. This applies to greater diversity in our community just as in our revenue sources, business models, and geographic locations. More importantly, though, this is the only fair and just path forward.”

Stifel’s Women’s Initiative Network

Stifel’s Women’s Initiative Network, or WIN, started organically and has evolved into a companywide initiative designed to engage, equip, and empower women to recognize their value, set goals, and reach their potential in both their personal and professional lives. Today, WIN provides networking and mentoring opportunities for women at every stage of their careers at the firm.

Under the leadership of Carol DeNatale and Crystal Schlegl, WIN has made tremendous strides. More broadly, it has provided a framework for future initiatives to increase diversity at Stifel by enabling everyone in the company to thrive.

Stifel is a President’s Circle sponsor of the Financial Women’s Association (FWA) of New York. The FWA is an organization committed to developing future women leaders and enhancing the role of women in finance, bringing more opportunities for our female associates to collaborate, network, and expand their skills.

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A place to find and grow your strengths.

“Stifel knows that to build a pipeline of emerging talent across the spectrum of diversity, it must be recognized for what it is: a place where role models who have succeeded and continue to succeed are available to inspire incoming professionals to do their best.”


Carol DeNatale

Chief Operating Officer, Investment Banking

A company that operates like a team.

“Stifel recognizes the important role that mentors can play in the ongoing professional development of its associates. I am proud that I have the opportunity to mentor junior professionals here at Stifel, supporting the development of upcoming financial professionals.”


David Collins

Managing Director

A CEO who’s committed to change.

“Nurturing gender, racial, and cultural diversity is imperative to our future success. This is a male-dominated industry, and I am going to change that. I am committed to it. There should be nothing about anyone’s birth or personal background that limits their ability to contribute and compete at our firm.”

Ronald J Kruszewski Stifel CEO

Ronald J. Kruszewski

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Stifel Financial Corp.

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