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Stifel Canada

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About Investment Banking in Canada

Advisory and capital-raising services for leading public and private companies.

Stifel’s investment banking professionals are committed to serving the needs of Canadian companies through specialized expertise and strong relationships within our core industries. It is our fundamental belief that clients value genuine advice and long-term relationships, and we seek to provide these across a full range of products and sectors.

We are recognized as a leader in Canadian capital markets, with a focus on Consumer & Retail, Diversified Industries, Energy, Financial Services & Financial Sponsors, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Metals & Mining, and Technology. We consistently rank among the top firms in Canada for both mergers & acquisitions advisory and common equity underwriting.

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Investment Banking Coverage

Consumer & Retail

The Consumer & Retail Investment Banking team provides a full suite of investment banking services from equity financings to mergers & acquisitions. We work domestically and also offer access to international markets through our colleagues in the U.S., UK and Europe.

Digital Assets

Stifel is a leading franchise in the Blockchain and Digital Assets sector providing strategic advisory and capital-raising services designed to support growth companies and their investors during all stages of their development. The Digital Assets Investment Banking Group was established in 2017 and is an experienced partner with a track record of global success. The team works closely with Stifel’s financial services vertical, KBW, on select assignments to leverage the firm’s unrivaled expertise, especially in the burgeoning area of fintech.

Diversified Industries

The Diversified Industries Investment Banking Group provides advisory and capital-raising services to companies and financial sponsors. The Group offers its clients advice and execution on mergers & acquisitions, access to public and private equity and debt capital, and other financial advisory services, including fairness opinions, in numerous industries ranging from aerospace and clean technology to engineering and logistics.


With clients ranging from Exploration and Production, Midstream, Downstream, and Oilfield Services and Equipment companies, the Energy Investment Banking Group provides a full range of strategic advisory and underwriting services, including, mergers and acquisitions, equity, convertibles, preferred stock, high-yield and investment grade debt, and restructurings. Our success is driven by the depth of our expertise and thorough understanding of both the Canadian marketplace and the internal and external forces driving industry trends and the financial markets.

Financial Services & Financial Sponsors

The Financial Services & Financial Sponsors Investment Banking Group provides a broad range of investment banking services to Canadian financial sponsors as well as to clients in the financial services sector, including: fintech companies, banks, specialty finance firms, insurers, broker-dealers, asset managers and REITs. We offer M&A origination and advisory services, general advisory, and debt & equity financings. We also work closely with Stifel’s financial services vertical, KBW, on select assignments to leverage the firm’s unrivaled expertise.

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Stifel is a leading franchise in the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector providing strategic advisory and capital-raising services designed to support growth companies and their investors during all stages of their development. Our areas of expertise include: Biopharma, Cannabis, Healthcare Services, Healthcare IT, Medtech, Psychedelics, and Tools & Diagnostics. The Life Sciences & Healthcare Investment Banking Group is an experienced partner with a track record of success in Canada and abroad including cross-listing capabilities with its U.S. and UK partners.

Metals & Mining

With decades of combined experience and deep sector relationships, the Stifel Metals & Mining Investment Banking Group assists clients from multi-national producers to junior exploration companies across the commodity spectrum, with capital-raising and mergers and acquisitions advisory services in pursuit of their strategic goals.


Offering a world-class combination of deep sector knowledge, strong industry relationships, and broad product expertise, our team provides clients with strategic advisory and capital-raising services designed to support growth companies and their investors during all stages of their development.

With more than 100 professionals working as an integrated team across North America and Europe, Stifel is one of the leading providers of capital-raising services to technology companies and technology-focused institutional investors.

Notable Transactions

Allied Merger Corporation Private Placement

$ 267,280,430

Private Placement
Metals & Mining | August 2023
Ace Beverage_Corby MA

C$ 165,000,000

Mergers & Acquisitions
Consumer Products | July 2023
Structurlam_Mercer M&A

$ 83,500,000

Mergers & Acquisitions
Paper & Forest Products, Diversified Industries | June 2023
Exro Technologies

$ 34,931,250

Follow-on Offering
Diversified Industries | May 2023
Journey Energy  Follow-on

C$ 17,500,000

Follow-on Offering
Energy | March 2023
Megatech_Middleground MA
Mergers & Acquisitions
Electronics & Industrial Technology | January 2023
ArgoBlockchain_Galaxy MA

$ 100,000,000

Has Sold Assets & Equipment
Technology | December 2022
Voti_Rapiscan MA
Mergers & Acquisitions
Diversified Industries | December 2022
OpSens Follow-on

C$ 11,500,000

Follow-on Offering
Medtech | December 2022
Artemis Follow-on

C$ 175,005,000

Follow-on Offering
Metals & Mining | October 2022
Tamarack Follow-on

C$ 125,002,500

Follow-on Offering
Energy | September 2022
Tamarack Senior Notes

C$ 100,000,000

Senior Notes
Energy | September 2022
Medpharmex_Dechra MA

$ 260,000,000

Mergers & Acquisitions
Healthcare Services | August 2022
Aurora Solar_BT Imaging MA

C$ 13,800,000

Diversified Industries | August 2022
Tidewater Restructuring

C$ 145,000,000

Energy | July 2022
Newcore Gold Follow-on

C$ 5,010,000

Follow-on Offering
Metals & Mining | June 2022
Else Follow-on CMO

C$ 7,287,000

Follow-on Offering
Consumer & Retail | June 2022
Montage Gold Follow-on

C$ 20,000,000

Follow-on Offering
Metals & Mining | June 2022
NG Energy Convertible Notes

C$ 17,047,000

Convertible Notes
Energy | May 2022
Well Health Follow-on

C$ 34,511,565

Follow-on Offering
Healthtech | May 2022

$ 100,500,000

Asset Sale
Cannabis | May 2022
Valens Follow-on March

C$ 32,343,743

Follow-on Offering
Consumer & Retail | March 2022
Rubellite Follow-on

C$ 25,311,500

Follow-on Offering
Energy | March 2022
Tamarack Valley Follow-on 02/22

C$ 200,000,000

Senior Notes
Energy | February 2022
Chefeng Gold_Golden Star M&A

$ 470,000,000

Mergers & Acquisitions
Metals & Mining | January 2022
Adventus Follow-on

C$ 33,532,415

Follow-on Offering
Metals & Mining | January 2022
Nomad Follow-on

C$ 42,542,500

Follow-on Offering
Metals & Mining | January 2022
Tribe Private Placement

C$ 21,000,000

Private Placement
Technology | January 2022
Tribe_Round13 M&A
Has Received a Minority Investment
Technology | January 2022
Fiore Gold Fairness Opinion

C$ 195,000,000

Fairness Opinion
Metals & Mining | January 2022
PrairieSky Follow-on 11/21

C$ 230,071,000

Follow-on Offering
Energy | November 2021

C$ 65,000,000

Convertible Notes
Healthtech | November 2021
Wildpack Convertible Debentures

C$ 20,000,000

Convertible Debentures
Diversified Industries | November 2021
Wildpack Follow-on

C$ 22,000,000

Follow-on Offering
Diversified Industries | November 2021
Wildpack_KT M&A

$ 37,260,000

Mergers & Acquisitions
Diversified Industries | November 2021
Critical Elements Follow-on

C$ 26,101,250

Follow-on Offering
Metals & Mining | November 2021
Hive Private Placement

C$ 100,020,000

Private Placement
Technology | November 2021
Obsidian Follow-on

C$ 25,875,000

Follow-on Offering
Energy | November 2021
Arizona Follow-on

C$ 49,831,250

Follow-on Offering
Metals & Mining | October 2021
Ventripoint Follow-on

C$ 7,004,400

Follow-on Offering
Life Sciences & Healthcare | October 2021
Else Follow-on Offering

C$ 17,307,500

Follow-on Offering
Consumer & Retail | October 2021
Crystal Peak Private Placement

C$ 5,949,680

Private Placement
Metals & Mining | October 2021
Topaz Follow-on 10/21

C$ 173,052,000

Follow-on Offering
Energy | October 2021
Greenbrook Follow-on

$ 13,200,000

Follow-on Offering
Healthcare Services | September 2021
Topaz Follow-on

C$ 108,150,000

Follow-on Offering
Energy | August 2021
Precision Senior Notes

$ 400,000,000

Senior Notes
Energy | June 2021

C$ 20,000,000

Follow-on Offering
Metals & Mining | June 2021
Monarch Mining Corporation

C$ 6,000,000

Private Placement
Metals & Mining | June 2021

$ 375,000,000

Mergers & Acquisitions
Building Products | June 2021
Valens Follow-on

C$ 46,004,990

Follow-on Offering
Consumer Products | May 2021
Tricon Residential – Follow-on

C$ 175,000,000

Follow-on Offering
Real Estate | May 2021
Topaz Energy Follow-on

C$ 201,254,750

Follow-on Offering
Energy | May 2021
Millennial_Waterton – M&A

C$ 27,100,000

Mergers & Acquisitions
Metals & Mining | May 2021
CanWel Senior Notes 04-2021

C$ 325,000,000

Senior Notes
Building Products | April 2021
EnerPlus/Hess 04-2021

$ 312,000,000

Mergers & Acquisitions
Energy & Natural Resources | April 2021
CanWel Building 04-2021

C$ 75,000,000

Follow-on Offering
Building Products | April 2021
enerplus – Bruin M&A

$ 465,000,000

Mergers & Acquisitions
Energy | March 2021
mdf Commerce 03-2021

C$ 80,000,000

Follow-on Offering
Software | March 2021
Parkit Enterprise 03-2021

C$ 40,261,500

Private Placement
Real Estate | March 2021
OpSens Inc. 02-2021

C$ 25,000,000

Follow-on Offering
Biopharma | February 2021
Medexus Pharmaceuticals 02-2021

C$ 28,286,954

Follow-on Offering
Healthcare Services | February 2021
Neo Lithium 01-2021

C$ 30,195,000

Private Placement
Metals & Mining | January 2021
Parkit Enterprise 01-2021

C$ 60,000,000

Private Placement
Real Estate | January 2021
Enerplus Corporation 01-2021

C$ 132,250,000

Follow-on Offering
Energy & Natural Resources | January 2021
Monarch Gold/Ymana 01-2021

C$ 200,000,000

Mergers & Acquisitions
Metals & Mining | January 2021
Eclipse Gold Mining Corporation 01-2021

C$ 22,559,000

Private Placement
| January 2021
Topaz Energy Corp 10-2020

C$ 263,128,000

Initial Public Offering
Energy | October 2020
Flow Water Inc. (GMP) 05-2020

$ 40,000,000

Private Placement
Consumer Products | May 2020
Currency volume represents full credit to each underwriter. All transaction announcements appear as a matter of record only. Stifel collectively refers to Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Incorporated and other affiliated broker-dealer subsidiaries of Stifel Financial Corp.

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Stifel Nicolaus Canada Inc. is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

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